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  • Technology can be used in businesses to increase the efficiency of a task or process. Amdia Software focuses on working with clients to build profitable web properties.

  • Designing a website is more than just making it attractive. A well designed website is both functional and appealing. After all, you want your visitors to do something on your site, not just gaze at your great pictures!

  • A proper marketing strategy is not focused around driving internet traffic, it is focused on your bottom line. If you can't see the path between your marketing efforts and bank deposits, let Amdia help!

  • Amdia Software provides a line of smart products which combine the best practices in web development and prepare the user to engage in the best practices in web marketing so their business can grow!

Who We Are…

Amdia Software is a full service Digital Strategy and Consulting, Graphic Design, Development, Marketing and IT Management company in Overland Park, Kansas.

We have a staff of highly qualified professionals to help our customers in achieving their business goals. Our management team at Amdia Software have several years of experience in Business Management, Sales, Direct Marketing, Finance and Insurance, and Technology Management and Implementation. We believe in long term relationships rather than short term projects. Our ideal client is someone that wants to make their current online business more efficient, or design and build a new online strategy.

“We manage the information, so you can manage the relationships.”


Amdia Software is a full service Consulting, Design and Development company. We are entrepreneurs and run our own web businesses. We will work with you to create an online property with your bottom line in mind.



We implement measureable marketing strategies that are tied to your ROI. It's easy to spend marketing dollars, it's hard to create results. We understand your goals first, consult you on the best use of your marketing dollars, and develop a measurement system before you spend a dime.

Smart Sites

Smart Products

Most of our cusotmers are small to mid sized retail businesses. Our product line focuses on delivering Smart technology solutions to retail businesses focused on generating leads, managing product information and broadcasting promotions.