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Amdia Software was started in 2009 by the owners of the ROUTE 66 RV Network (Rob Merrill, Dave Francis and Steve Francis) because they saw the need for a quality, robust RV dealer website platform which was not available on the market.  Putting their ideas of what an RV website should be together with a team of designers, developers and RV dealers; RV Smart Sites (RVSS) web platform was born.  While consistently fine-tuning and ehancing RVSS, Amdia also tried our hand in several other software-based RV products as well as providing all programming efforts needed by ROUTE 66.

Over the past few years Amdia has grown its services list from a single web platform, to now everything you need to make your online presence the absolute best it can be. We are always modifying and growing our services so we can remain ahead of the curve.  Our product list is something we're all proud of... because THEY WORK.  And we've got the metrics to prove it.

Check out our list of available services and be sure to let us know if you have any questions!


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