Social Media Management


What is Social Media Management?

Our new Social Media Management service helps keep your organization, name, and brand relevant across multiple accounts. We have special software to help monitor and manage all of your accounts from a single interface to seamlessly post consistent messaging across all your social accounts. 

It today's digital age, social media has become the new word-of-mouth marketing. People take to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others to discuss, brag, complain, share, and talk about their experiences. Maintaining a healthy and positive social media presence is the best way to generate word-of-mouth marketing.


How it Works

Our Social Media Manager will take the time to renovate your current social profiles. Updating profile pictures, graphics, cover photos, information, and appropriate linking.

If you're not on a social media service, we'll set it up for you and give you the manager access as well. We manage Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus at this time, but we are researching additional services and will add as needed or as demand rises. 

After that, we'll handle the posting and management of your profiles. From posting, replying, interacting, and monitoring; we'll take care of everything to help cultivate and expand your audience online. 



Social Media Management has two major benefits that make it an incredibly important part of digital marketing:

  1. Brand Reputation: Having a healthy and positive social presence generates buzz about your name and services. When people see your brand active and interesting, they are more likely to go to you or recommend you to a friend.
  2. SEO Boost: Some of the latest updates to major search engines include social sharing into their page ranks. When Google and others see that your name and brand are active and posting quality content online, they take note and will put you ahead of the competition in search results.


Quick Recap

  • Management and renovation of social profiles, graphics, and information
  • 2 guaranteed postings to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus per week
  • Additional postings depending on special events such as holidays, promotions, or industry news
  • Monthly reports giving you an overview of audience growth and following
  • Generate positive buzz about your brand online and improve search engine results 

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