Targeted Content Marketing


What is Targeted Content Marketing?

Our specialized content creation service is one-of-a-kind in the industry. Our experts will develop fresh and quality content for your site on a regular basis. 

Our newly renovated Targeted Content Marketing service will ensure you get 2 pieces of fresh content on your site per month. Whether it be new landings pages, blog postings, or a combination; we'll develop brand new content for your site. These pages and blogs will be coded to be responsive, match your website's theme, and encourage customers to stay on your site longer! 


How it Works

We take pride in our content and want people to use it. Your website can (and will) be so much more than a simple search tool for inventory pages. Our content creation helps bring people to the site, keep them on the site, and gets them to come back!




Our content experts will review your site and identify specific needs. We have a specialized list of "cornerstone pages" that every site needs, but we custom create each one for your own site. 

Once these pages have been created, we find a place to link them organically in your menus and site. We want to build an interconnected set of links on your site to keep customers clicking and searching for their ultimate goal. We don't want to leave any dead-ends on your site, so these pages create your site's roadmap.




Our seasoned writers will go find interesting and engaging topics to publish blogs on your site. These blogs will help enrich the culture and attitude of your website to help cement the foundation of your website's environment. 



Content is king. Content is dead. Content is still important. Content didn't get invited to the party. Content is still kinda important in some ways. 

You've probably heard some sort of comment about content lately; either that it's the most important thing on your site or that it's completely irrelevant. They're both right.

It's hard to explain in simple text, but the moral of the story here is that fresh content is the best thing you can do for your website. With the recent updates to Google and other search engines, your page rank and authority are significantly affected by the quality and freshness of your content.

To hold your place or get higher in search results, you need to be producing new and good content on a regular basis. This is the purpose for Targeted Content Marketing


Quick Recap

  • Development of 2 pieces of content per month (pages, blogs, or combination)
  • Review of current website's needs and weaknesses
  • Bring in more visitors and bring them back
  • Help your current SEO ranks


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